Happy Easter Birthday!

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I took some extra days off on top of the Easter Friday and Monday, that’s a gap of six non-working days.

How bliss!

I began with a few pints with KevD in town, nothing massive, I just needed to leave the flat and enjoy the rare sunshine on Friday. Saturday was a complete bore as my hayfever/cold got worse, felt like my throat was on fire… it was pretty inflamed and yucky though, obviously a full week wasn’t enough to heal up.

Mum’s baptism

Sunday was great. The whole family and Auntie Wendy went to Mum’s baptism at Church, we sat through the 2 hour sermon (interesting…), then with a swift command – the chairs were re-arranged to face a blue inflatable pool. It was a reasonable size, my mind naturally pondered on the (Holy) water, how did they fill it and how would they empty it? Bear in mind, we were on the first floor of the building… in a large hall with badminton courts (tapes marked on the floor), I wouldn’t have expected a hose and the pool would have been too awkward and heavy to lug up the stairs. Logistically interesting I thought! 

The baptism was a little emotional, I recorded every second from Mum’s call-out, to her tearful speech and her baptism. It was only when I put the iPad down, that’s when I had some tears – Mum said she travelled a very hard road in the decade she’s been there, she didn’t specify but me and sis knew what she meant. Her brother, her Mum, her sister, Biu Bak, a few of her friends died in the last ten years, and her relationship with Dad has changed so much. God really guided her through the suffering, and as much as I’m an agnostic – I can’t dismiss the power of faith, and if that power can help Mum endure her darkest hours, then I am too, grateful. She’s a born-again Christian now, it’s official – we couldn’t be more proud of her! 

My 33th birthday meal

Our family went for a meal in Tai Pan, Aunt Wendy and Kau Mo came too, Andy and Lisa, Rachel and Jade, and the star of our gathering – Kimmy! Little Kimmy came up for Easter, at the tender age of 5 she’s one of the smartest and sassiest girl I’ve ever met, she’s a tiny motormouth - she can talk the house down and she delivers with such ‘attitude’! The cutest thing ever, confident, assured, and absolutely adorable! Her Shropshire accent adds a whole new level of cuteness especially when mixing Chinese and English!

It was fantastic catching up with everybody, the meal was gorgeous and Dad paid for it all – generous! I had a cake from the Restaurant (Kimmy enjoyed that!) and sis baked me a Transformers cake, which embarrassed me a bit! The Autobot symbol was amazing, really well done – she spent a LOT of time crafting it, I was truly impressed! I didn’t need the cheesy birthday music to alert the whole place of me! We stayed in Tai Pan for a LONG time, eventually we departed after nearly 4 hours, I went back to stay over at parents, had a lovely time with the family.


I just wanted to buy something for Kimmy because her Dad used to buy me stuff when I was little, I figured it was my turn! Couldn’t find anything in John Lewis, then went mad in Sainsburys’! Found a Percy Pig backpack (her favourite character), and as she’s so keen on drawing – I got her coloured pencils, a colour-in book with stickers… and finally a Percy Pig pencil-case to keep her stuff in. I couldn’t wait to give her the gifts! We stopped by Auntie’s later and I managed to give Kimmy her stuff – she was beaming!

I drove Mum to Whythenshawe because she’s helping someone out in Baguley – and needed to know how to get there. I was showing her the route. It’s a dreadfully rough place, I really didn’t want Mum to go there. I hope she’s careful walking to the car, and the people she’s with should make sure of that. She’ll be there for three weeks! On a separate note, the road layouts have changed so much thanks to Metrolink, the stations are nearly complete, the Airport line expansion is looking really good.

Afterwards we visited the cemetery, Mum cleared the overgrown weeds and cleaned the tombstones, I split the flowers up (the many she received from baptism!) and spread them evenly for Uncle, Uncle Jason, Grandma and Grandpa. I always enjoyed the serene enclosure of the cemetery, it’s so peaceful, and it was a fine day to dedicate a bit of time tending to family members who were no longer with us. Mum visits more than anymore, she still love and miss them very much, it was nice to be there with her.

The evening whizzed by, sis drove back down South. I decided to stay over for another evening.

Moyes Monday

Well, I woke up… and there it was. My birthday surprise!

The reports were true, he was going, and this morning he was gone. I’ll remember my birthday from now on as the day Moyes got the sack… kind of mixed feelings for me. I felt the backroom staff should have been sacked and him given more time, I’m disappointed that he had to go – but relieved that we might play better football soon, I mean, we couldn’t go worse right? We need a heavyweight manager because we are a heavyweight club, Moyes could have done better I think – our squad is bad but surely we can’t be THAT bad, we went toe-to-toe with Real Madrid last season because Sir Alex wasn’t scared to tinker with the players. I accept that our players could have been better but it doesn’t mean they can’t work as a team, that’s down to man-management and tactics. I still couldn’t work out what Steve Round did, I’m sort of glad he’s gone. At the moment, our legend Giggsy is in charge!

Also… greetings from Elli!

She’s obviously grown up now at 5months, but I still love this photo!

I munched on a lovely bacon butty, Mum gave me a lift to the station and I was back at my flat in no time! Walked around Arndale and paid S a visit at where she worked, then browsed the Lego store with the intention of buying something! At the end I got a Batman and a Homer Simpsons figure! I’ll leave the batman one in the packaging! Got Fantastic Mr Fox for £3 at Fopp and doodled back to the flat. It was nice to be in town when it wasn’t busy! Everyone was working, except me!

6:30pm met Steve outside Hilton and we cabbed to Kev’s in Salford Quays, the lad cooked for us. First time ever, in my entire life (!), I’ve sampled his cooking, and it was alright. I enjoyed it! Had a lovely evening with them and Becky, we caught up and talked about their wedding stuff. The dates are looming, we better crack on with the planning I guess. I had some ideas flicker in my head, the list of things-to-do is beginning to appear! Hmmm… yeh.


Got a dental hygiene appointment, probably cinema if I can, and tap later. Must make the most of my last day before work!

Don’t want to go back already!

What an amazing Easter!


Int. Tap

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I couldn’t work out whether I have the cold or hay fever, it’s been messing me up all day and I fell asleep the moment I got in, it was so easy. I snoozed all the way until 7pm and bolted out the door, it was still light and I was still asleep. I arrived early to close my eyes again in the dark corridor.

Tap Intermediate

H got there in time to sign her bit on the card before we handed the gifts to Kate. She really liked it and apparently by odd coincidence she uses the same bath gel and hers just ran out, so good choice S! She loved the gifts and the card, plus the colourful scarf that came with it! She’s such a bubbly person, it’s very hard not to be drawn by her infectious nature – her energy latches onto us, Wednesday nights are like… fun nights. Not only that but we’re slowly refining our techniques, starting with Riffs and other very simple stuff, a lot less combos and more steady rhythms. 

K was there, J also turned up for a change – only for this Wednesday, H is now a regular with myself and there’s another girl who we know from Adv., hopefully she’ll join us in forming the core of regulars. We need more people! Fingers crossed for more. 

We covered Riffs, to get our feet relaxed – we’re trying to be comfortable walking with 4-5-6 Riffs then combining them into more complex patterns. The aim is to walk/tap effortlessly across the floor, I quite like this exercise – back to basics! Kate is trying to get our toe pullbacks right, we’re all capable of normal ones – on toes are HARD, so she’s doing it every Wednesday until we get it. Apparently it’s a matter of technique, I can half do them – it’s the way I jump – I need to study myself in the mirror. It’s do-able, just need the practise! It’s been a really good session, hard work but I’m really liking it. The routine was fun but we’re starting a new one next week, a livelier one!

Turned out Kate had a sore throat / cold too, apparently it was passed around from the Show and a few people had it. Thought so, I didn’t think it was hay fever because I never had sore throats before, plus my eyes were fine, my eyes are the first to go when I get hay fever… so, a common cold or a weird virus perhaps? I haven’t had the full-blown sniffles, but on the edge of one. Can’t even tell if it’s coming or going yet! 

The hour was up, I actually had a great time especially with K and J around too, there were 5 of us! Bid adios to Kate and swept into the night, I felt better after this workout - fingers crossed I’ll be better tomorrow! 

Monday Tap and Jazz

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Back to normal again. A normal lesson, no rehearsal, no pressure, just a normal hour!

I arrived after downing a mug of Lemsip because I had a sore throat all day, the kind of sore throat you expect from an impending cold – it was ok in the morning but got worse in the afternoon, I got back to my flat and threw a banana, some cherry tomatoes and olives down my throat for vitamins! It was great to breeze into the Dancehouse on a sunny evening, chatted to Ailsa briefly about Savion Glover and my mad dash to Euston. Didn’t tell her much about glover so I sent her an extract of my blog later, hopefully she can see what I experienced – an absolutely sensational show. 

Tap it is!

S and SLJ made it, we had a nice banter and told Ailsa how it went on Saturday. It was really good to see her again! We were all buzzing and ready to go! Some regulars came back and we worked on… HEELS, I’m liking these challenging sessions because we’re at a stage of moving beyond the primary ball-steps. Now it’s heels, the secondary – actually it’s equally important – we just took a while to get here! The across-the-room was fast… and heel-intensive. I admit, I felt pretty tired from Saturday but kept on going. We worked on the Drop-shuffle-heels, and added a spin… the variation was fantastic! It’s just what we needed after a Show.

We practised pull-backs and wings, had to separate the two – it was quite fun and hard, bring it on! I want to practise on my own again… because I’m feeling fatigue now, everything is go-go-go, I wouldn’t mind an hour or two alone – work through my huge back-list of steps I want to memorise. There are so many steps and spins I want to try, I need to hire a space again! We picked up the routine from two weeks ago and realised there’s a Bank Holiday Monday next week, we’ll have to wait another two weeks for the third part! Anyway, we cracked on with the cool second part and added more to the end – it’s pretty fast and funky. Some tricky heels thrown in there deliberately (CHALLURNGE!) and an old friend in the 8-step turn (?). It’s a shame we can’t do it next week, this is a long routine across 6 weeks! 

I’ll miss the guys! Won’t see them for two weeks! Might see some on Wednesday, oooh I can still get my fix with Kate!


J arrived late so she joined in Jazz! And she liked it too! Hopefully we’ll see her more up there! Good to see Andi back, we need coffee soon – catch up. It was a fairly busy class, had a tough warm-up and a good across-the-room, the routine was alright but I was out of space. Josh is beginning to open up and people are warming to him, so… I think I might stick around for a bit. Certain people are becoming regulars – a core group is beginning to appear. Plus I can’t complain about the music cos they’re upbeat and bouncy stuff, it’s all good!

It’s a short one for Jazz, it was good to stretch myself. J enjoyed it, I had a laugh with Andi and… I did the routine ok, I tried to groove it. Some minor steps I need to work on but that’s based on the music.


Well, Karen posted them tonight. My mistake didn’t look… that bad, although I did look VERY SURPRISED according to K lol! It happened within a second, it was such a fleeting moment I’m not sure if anyone picked it up. It actually looked ok considering we spent around 2 hours on it in total as a group. And yes, the crowd LOVED R when he came on, it was plain sailing from there. I’ll update the photos on the previous post tomorrow. It… yeh, it looked ok, I moved alright but that stupid mistake…

Meh, off I go.


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