Monday Tap and Jazz

In Dance on July 22, 2014 at 1:09 am

It’s been a good day, I’ve been positive and work was steady – even had a ten minute slow-down before I went home. 


It was hot tonight, the sun wasn’t out entirely but the heat and humidity was felt. I practised the step-shuffles-back heel which went ok at my own speed, note – my ‘own’ speed. I didn’t think many people would turn up because it was so lovely outside, at the end there were 8! SW was back from her trip to Italy, and H from Wednesday joined too! The across the room was ok but as usual – SPEEED. Did some variation of difficult ball and heel steps, we’re working to distinguish the difference between them – to get more control over our heel sound.

We did some drop shuffles on our toes, that’s hard, struggled with that as much as I struggled with pullback on toes, I will get it! I must get it! I think I have Thursday to tap alone, I can’t wait to be alone with my feet again. About time! I didn’t do too well tonight. We played the rhythm game in a circle and didn’t do too well on that either, I was ok but couldn’t make the sound! It was simple too… not good! This is why I think my tap is regressing… as if I reached a point and decided not to bother anymore – that’s annoying me!

The routine was fun and we managed to get to the end, we sweated a bucket and half. It’s been a fun ride, and I definitely could have done better. I have much to catch up on with my feet…


I skipped a little of Jazz warm-up, Kate picked up on that, whoops. I was knackered though – I still did the sit-ups! Loads of people in her class, the place was rammed and we had a productive hour. I enjoyed the across the room, and also the combo but the spins got me a little confused – most especially when we go from Right to Left. I did my best but not hard enough, I know I wasn’t focussed enough. I can push myself a lot harder than that, I just need to want it!

I think with Kate’s guidance, I could really develop myself – especially the spinning and arms. I’m gonna start throwing myself into this and see how I come out the other side, I know it’s straight after tap but if I throw myself into tap as well, then I will be fine! 

The new routine was fun, quite fast so I have to remember it now. We must have done it about three times, I deteriorated after the second one – like the dimming of light. It fizzled out of me. Definitely need to throw myself in, properly!

Jazz Tap

In Dance on July 17, 2014 at 12:08 am

Bit stressed out at work (again) so I was keen to get tapping. We had three in the class tonight, rejoice! We were the loyal me, B and H! I managed to remember my steps and also forget it in the middle of the combos. I really disliked the floor tonight, it’s really nagged me for some reason. It felt sticky, and it’s uncomfortable tapping on even with the metal part, it drags and I kept doing the squeaky mouse. 

We started with some combos and then reversed it, my drop-shuffle pickups are worse now I fear, I don’t know why but I can’t seem to do them properly anymore. I have already texted Richard about Studio hire, I’m itching to find out why I’m failing. Have I gone backwards? This is the worst thing to happen, must always forward – never back! 

Anyway, my drop-shuffles lacked clarity and it was poor. Is it the speed? Where is the crisp sound? Find out! 

We did some turning cramp rolls, couldn’t do left properly… urgh. Even simple steps weren’t done properly, my focus was always on the sound of my steps… maybe too much because I lose track of arms and performance. I wasn’t listening to the music, and kept getting annoyed by the floor. We did more spins, and I definitely credit Kate for making me spin so much better. I need better elevation, I need more air but it’s not happening. Even my Suzie Qs were sluggish, I was very sloppy. I would love to show progression… but it’s all so slow! 

The routine continued from last week, Kate tweaked it slightly but still a fun one. I’d like to see finish the whole of it.

The more pressing matter is, why am I tapping so badly? 

Will soon find out!

Monday Tap and Jazz

In Dance on July 15, 2014 at 1:49 am


I love our group, today we had another mad session – possibly caused by the searing heat. Everyone went bonkers and giggled near the end. It’s a good atmosphere to be in because people were having fun – and when people have fun, they come back! We changed the combos for across-the-room, we did some quick Heel-steps, Step-heels… that was fun. Other things like back step-forward shuffle-heel still bamboozles me, not so much the combination but the speed. We’re pushing ourselves now, and so we must! Did some turning Step-shuffle-step step step x4 then double wings, so we had new challenges.

It was a warm day, I didn’t realise how drenched I was in my grey T-shirt, not a good idea to wear grey as it was all on my back and I didn’t see it until Jazz. We giggled our way through the four quick spotting/turns to the right, then we dizzied our way back to the left. I don’t turn left that well, I attempted it but end up in some weird jazz ending pose. Or like someone falling off a skateboard. Still, as a challenge – it was accepted and attempted without grace!

We continued the routine from last week, and added more on at the end, I didn’t think much of it last week but now having had a bigger bite at it… it’s actually quite an enjoyable piece, mainly the pace is good and there are pauses and distinctive break points. Apparently next week is the last bit, maybe we can ask for this to carry over? It’s a good one!

Had a fantastic time tonight, everyone did. Sadly, Sasha is leaving us to move to London, exciting times for her cos she’ll be in Pineapple Studio, shame we’ve lost another! In a week or two we’ll lose Rosie to Liverpool! And R is somewhere in Europe for a whole year, it’s so sad to see people leave. We’ll miss them! It’s up to the core group of me, SD, K, SW and J to keep it going… we will tap on!


Kate is back, the number of people too, in fact there were more people tonight than the past two weeks combined… coincidence? I arrived like a bag of sweat, the warm-up was well under way and Kate had everyone working their arses off. I got tucked in, and it was hard… but I loved it. Just what I needed, a proper stretch to de-stress. Soon we proceeded to go across the room with typical Kate pace, which is… bang, bang, go, go, go! But all good, I was ready and rearing to dig into her combos. And yes, arms, I used them!

Did some tricky combos turning, back turns and front turns, need to get my legs sorted. It’s been a great session and Kate was fabulous as usual, this is really a class made for her. I can’t leap that well and I do forget the direction to turn, challenges! This will be hugely beneficial for my tap too, exciting times!

The routine was interesting, it was Hairspray! It was fast but once you put all the bits together, it’s ok. I look forward to progressing next week!

Good Monday, I am aching slightly, it’s a good sign that I’m progressing.


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