Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution

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Someone suggested I should give it a go and design a logo for the current movement in Hong Kong. The Umbrella Revolution, so-called because umbrellas were used to shield against pepper spray and teargas and… typically Chinese, they were also dual-used to hide from the sun during the day. Feel free to take it, it belongs to the people of Hong Kong.

Before I go on, I should add prior the aggressive tactics deployed by the police, I wasn’t vocal or planning to take part in anything – mainly because we’re not really in a position to make demands, especially as the economy of Hong Kong is heavily reliant on China, the money is coming from the Central Government. Secondly Hong Kong IS China, short from an insane breakaway, it is a part of China. Lastly, I don’t want chaos – I don’t want to give them reasons to send in the military. The current question is, how far can we push them? And… how much are they willing to take?

The city is densely packed, it’s an urban sprawl of narrow streets and tight corridors with the population bursting out from every crack, if the population does indeed decide to mobilise, it wouldn’t take them long to overwhelm the police force. The last thing I want to see are tanks and soldiers crossing into Hong Kong, don’t descend into madness and don’t give them a reason to deploy. 

I don’t want my grandmother to see this, I don’t want my relatives in Mong Kok, Sha Tin, Yuen Long, Tai Po, Causeway Bay, Fanling unable to go outside, I don’t want my cousin’s new-born son grow up in a climate of fear and intimidation, I don’t want retribution against anyone who might be from across the border because we’re the same people! 

It’s a very complicated situation with so many layers, deep down Hong Kong must be aware nothing can be changed, and the galvanised global support is the result of the heavy-handedness of the police force, who I must add, are also Hong Kongers torn between their heart and doing the job. It’s hard to tell what really happened, but bottom line is, people are angry and upset, people like me who are vehemently opposed to violence have joined in. I don’t want blood spilling on the streets of Hong Kong, I fully support the right for a peaceful protest and that we must also work hard to suppress the extreme elements in our own camp. 

There isn’t a clear exit strategy, at the moment we’re still very much riding a live current. We’re essentially poking Beijing with a large stick… and I fear this might accelerate their need to bring HK in order, thus making the transition much quicker and painful. These scenarios wear heavy on my mind. 

We’re front page news across the world but I sincerely hope for calm. We’re all waiting for Beijing’s next step – they have heard us, how will they respond?

I wouldn’t be surprised if they refuse to move.

There’s a price for democracy, but are we willing to pay?

Monday Jazz and Tap

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My spine behind the neck is clicky, I didn’t sleep well at all for some reason. Luckily the day was a stroll and we welcomed a new member of staff onto our team, a back-end developer! Finally we have someone who can operate codes, I’ll be collaborating with him on projects now – I’m actually excited!


I reckon there were about five new faces, I’m guessing from the student population – always nice to see new people, and with the core of our class bantering about, I hope they felt our good vibe and come back again! I did ok I think, still uncertain about shuffles and balance but nothing that I don’t already know, plus turning left – yup, on my list! Ailsa’s heel fell off, it wasn’t that long ago when one of her shoe fell apart – she trooped on in her bare feet, star teacher! 

We continued with the gorgeous routine and finished it, I started off well but when it mattered and we were filmed, I cocked up HAH. Always the case, I can’t handle a pointed camera because I’d try too hard. Gutted I didn’t do the routine properly. I shouldn’t be mucking up! 

It’s been a good night, ok progress, quite a lot of people. It was hot and it was fun, looking forward to next week already.


Kate no longer teach Mondays so, tonight’s guest was… Josh, he’s back! And he was back with a vengeance! After the initial collection of beginner’s steps, we began the routine – and it was his best one yet. It had attitude and it had… ground work, we were on the floor rolling on our knees – quite cool when done properly… when done PROPERLY. You can imagine the amount of giggles as we attempted three knee turns, a sit on arse, a get up and turn all within 8 counts. We gave it a good go although it wrecked everyone’s knees! 

Josh is only a cover until we get a new teacher, I was pretty happy with Jazz tonight – am aching, so that’s great! 

Want to tap though… itching to tap…


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It’s an inevitable progress, people marry.

I think something tipped over inside me when I heard… possibly the fourth announcement in the space of two days, my friends are tying the knot – and although my conscious self remain numb and possibly detached, I can physically feel the slight tension in my chest. I can ignore my thoughts but they have a way of forcing themselves to the surface. I don’t like this physical manifestation of my feelings. I prefer to be in control.

I have two weddings to go to next year, this year four people I know are married, six are engaged – it makes sense as we’re similar in age (early 30s). I’m approaching or I’m well into the turning chapter of many people’s’ lives, they are happily turning the pages in their books. I’m still the lone figure walking down the long stretch of tarmac, occasionally I’d skip or dance or sing-a-song, a facade to keep the emptiness in check. I would glimpse to my sides, there are happy couples along my path, some close and some further away. They are genuine souls who I’m grateful to walk alongside with – as much as I love them, I know it won’t last, we will go our separate ways eventually. Progress – that’s life for you.

I have been walking alone for a long time, and I even feel it suits me, but my senses are slowly eroded by what is primarily a base instinct, a desire to find a mate and to have children. Ok, I don’t mean to sound like a nature documentary but that is what it is, I can’t phrase it any other ways. I can go soppy but the underlying message will be the same, I’m supposed to find somebody.

I don’t blame anyone but myself to be honest. If there’s one thing I do well, is that I can dissect a subject, including myself. Trouble is, whether I’m right or wrong – I don’t know. I haven’t done enough to find somebody, as simple as that, and I don’t give them a chance – that’s a recent discovery. I have been wrong to measure suitability by my own standard (from one perspective), I have a ridiculously list anyway. And have I truly been interested in a girl for what she is, rather than what I want to see?

Don’t get me wrong, I have been dating, I haven’t met anyone who really lit me up, I’ve always been after that spontaneous energy, that unusual weirdness – that’s my expectation. I need to get rid of this, and just meet more girls. I’m well aware this is also a two-way process – why would anyone want me? What makes me desirable and… undesirable? I would never pretend to be someone I’m not, and I doubt I’d change that. I guess it’s hard meeting someone who would appreciate me for the way I am. It’s not easy finding the right one is it? True, some people never find their right one – and there might not even be a right one, at what point do you decide to settle? Or is that the wrong way to approach this? Some never find a partner at all… I prefer not to fall in that category. How do you know she’s right? Is there a certainty?… *sigh…

The recent trip to see my baby niece also affected me, I had a taste of family, it’s not easy looking after a young baby – but I wasn’t intimidated at all, if anything it made me want it more. I love the idea of fatherhood, I can see it’s difficult but they are so worth it – they become the centre of the universe. And I’m great with kids!

So, here I am, I’m feeling this way because I have seen so much… love. And, to go for the soppy route – I want to love and to be loved. That’s the bottom line. I see a long way ahead before I can turn my chapter, I’m lagging behind already.

In the meantime, I better get used to the hole creeping in, it will deepen if I don’t do something about it. 

I MUST make a better effort.

Where art thou Juliet?


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