Jazz Tap

In Dance on August 21, 2014 at 12:44 am

What a day. Hectic at work and hectic after work. I’m happy to say one big project is signed off, not much left to do on the second one. Went to the DQ Directors conference call straight after to discuss an urgent and frankly, frustrating issue. I really want to resolve this but it’s proven to be an extremely complex case. I’m still optimistic for a satisfactory ending for all parties. With little time to spare I got changed and went to Jazz Tap, we had someone new! There were only three of us, so disappointed at the numbers AGAIN. 

Jazz Tap

We did a lot of combos, and luckily less individual combos, I get stuck at them! Kate was focussed on B and the new girl while I tapped away – repetitively until it entered my head. The following combos were less refined because I didn’t get to work on it as much, it’s a matter of right and left! I was my usual stuttery self, I was determined to forget the whole meeting and enjoy my tap – and I think I did. I worked hard, and without necessarily looking good, kept going. We had some tricky steps, most especially the riffs… Kate’s got a knack for coming up with the most random riffs; here’s a 15-steps version L heel-R ball-heel-ball-L heel, R ball-heel-L heel-R heel-ball crossover L, R toe tap behind-L heel, R ball-heel forward-L heel-R heel-ball-L heel, R heel… it was good fun though. Love a good challenge.

One step I particularly enjoyed was one I struggled to do, R step forward-L pickup-B/chg L-R, R pickup-L brush-R step (basically land on same pickup foot), I think it looks cool when done properly! It looks like a cool kick!

The hour passed by quickly and we enjoyed the routine from last week, I was tired but because I didn’t stop to rest – my neurons were still firing on all cylinders. I concentrated hard and enjoyed the session albeit with so few of us. The random steps from Kate were great, they really keep us on our toes.

I went to meet Steve for a meal afterwards, just to hand over the wedding invites I designed, checked, then packaged up. Had to personally trim a lot of rounded corners because they were missed by production, it was ok. I didn’t get back until nearly 10pm – a pretty long day, a long week so far. Two more days to go!

Enjoyed tap tonight!

Monday Tap and Jazz

In Dance on August 19, 2014 at 12:45 am

One last one, before a long break!

The bank holiday Monday is looming, and the week after I will be in Germany – oh, actually I will be able to make it on Monday before the flight on Tuesday. So, maybe not a completely long break! I had a steady day, finished on time and had a short rest.


It didn’t rain like last week so that was good. We did some across-the-room which was ok, but I stuttered in parts. We tucked into the mini routine pretty early, it was one that I thoroughly enjoyed – Puttin’ On The Ritz, by none other than Fred Astaire. We went over the steps repeatedly, nothing too stressing – and had a laugh as usual. The hour flew by very quickly and we finished the routine. That was it. I didn’t really pick anything up that wasn’t already on my list, maybe… Step-shuffle-pickup-step-b/chg? The pickup was interesting…

Hmmm, it’s like I’m itching for my alone session again!


We had two guest teachers as Kate was off, we went through the basic stuff again – they were ok I suppose, it’s hard to tell after just one lesson. I enjoyed the stretching a lot, my inner thighs were burning after the warm-up. The steps were ok, the combos were ok too, the routine was… ok. Hmmm, I think it’s because they were here temporarily that I couldn’t really get into it. I need to keep going, let’s keep pushing. The more I do it, hopefully I’ll improve!

That was my evening really… nothing, to report…

Blank… hmmm distracted a little.

Jazz Tap and Tenant Director

In Dance, Flat on August 13, 2014 at 11:55 pm

Tenant Director

Well, I guess I officially am one. I went to an AGM meeting yesterday and various issues were discussed formally before myself and another resident were elected. Admittedly I felt rather daunted, but then I think it’s probably the atmosphere because I’m unaccustomed to serious board meetings. I noticed very little smiling and sadly the whole affair took a bad turn towards the end. I won’t say too much, but I have been wondering about my role and how the older and experienced Directors perceived me. Still, I always land on my feet and I have a knack for getting on with people – it’s a completely new challenge for me, and one that I’m confident I can grow into. So, yes indeed, I am Director now! Onwards and upwards.

Yes, it also kept me awake in bed until nearly 4 in the morning because I was filtering an ongoing toxic issue, which we need to address with utmost urgency. We are a collective, so everything is decided together, let’s see how well we function in this group.

Jazz tap

I didn’t think I’d make it because I was extremely busy and only left work at 7pm, got changed at 7:10pm and arrived with a minute to spare. My mind was a beaten egg, a swirl of nonsense peeping through two oval holes on my face. I struggled through the warm-up and blanked out on the first combo. It was an easy one too, which I did get on my fourth or fifth go. It was too much, too soon. The second combo I did improve because I had good strength to maintain drop-shuffle-pickups. My double wings were rushed so that didn’t quite work – and it’s something I should have been working on. 

We did a very fast right travelling combo that mucked me up completely, I can just about program a slow version in the head – I think we did that too fast, I had no time to digest it but that’s just the way Kate operate, we gotta keep at her pace. I can see what she’s trying to do, it’s only by pushing us can we push ourselves. I’d like to be in better condition for her classes, half the time I’m shattered for some reason. There were only three of us, B and H, the hardcores. 

The routine was quite fun, and I did sort of managed. I had a hard time keeping the sequences in my head as they were falling out of my ears, I sensed a trail of steps exiting my mind – it took a hell lot of concentration to retain them! It was short but good!

I say this now, but to be honest – at nearly midnight my mind just went blank again.

I have many steps I’d love to practise, I wish for a studio for a whole week! Imagine what I’d do! 

That’s my first course of action when I win the lottery…


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