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I went for something different today – completely relaxed ankles and none of that stupid toe-pointing. I survived the warm-up in relatively good shape! No shin-splints or aching mid-feet, I was ready to tuck into the across-the-room – tonight we did plenty of turning at speed. We’re really being pushed and whipped into better tappers, it’s like Ailsa’s got a goal and we’re the experiment to see how much we can improve. I enjoy the challenge, I feel bad about being sloppy but gotta keep pushing…

We attempted standing-toe-pickups, I had a nice core workout but not enough, need more pain! The routine was quite fun and we did rehearsal… well, it was flippity and floppity… the steps are there, just the memorising and coping with the speed. Not a time to panic but I will need to pull away from my ‘big project’ and nail those steps into my brain. It’s nearly uploaded… just need to practise with SPEEED! 

Everyone turned up, all ten of us, very productive 15 minutes… I can’t remember what new steps there are but there’s a vid, hoping to see it soon. Maybe in midweek when I need a break? I did manage another project tonight… that’s 4 out of 9… every piece is treated with love and care hence the length of time, it’s been a week… and I’ve given myself two to finish it all off. Eeeeek!


Surprised that Laura wasn’t there, turned out she hurt her neck – hope she gets well! Josh deputised and the jammed class sweated out an hour-filler. It was a bit scatty in places but I had a feeling Josh didn’t really had that much time to prepare.

We did some very basic leaps and stuttered through a routine. The rehearsal went well – tidied some kinks but not really progressed… we really need Laura back. I think everyone turned up too expecting to learn more… oh well. 



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I’ve been meaning to keep this updated, the bank holiday was last week and I haven’t danced for 14 days. No physical exercise for two weeks, my mental state, however, is close to burning out.

I took four days off work and because of the break, I was off for a length of 10 days, that would have been a nice if I wasn’t so busy! Luckily, I arranged to meet mates and they kept my sanity intact. On that aspect it was lovely to catch up with every body, I had a nice lunch with sister, had a lovely two hour walk with K and her dog, coffee with A and taking one last look at the Cornerhouse, had a chilled night out with S, beer time with K, Liverpool with R & A and their absolutely adorable baby G! That was my highlight, meeting the 6 months old baby – she was just the cutest! Made me miss Elif!

Without them I would have gone mad. I didn’t stop working and ‘updating’ myself. Even last week I was doing 13hrs+ every day, I slowed down this weekend – it’s been hard work but I dragged myself through Saturday and tonight, I’m finally happy with the result of my new poster, I had so many versions of this… but I think I’m… content, I haven’t got that nagging doubt – usually that’s my subconscious telling me something isn’t right. It’s done – move on, much left to do!

It’s hard working full-time and doing this extra work, but I need to push myself.


Tap & Jazz!

In Dance on March 30, 2015 at 11:55 pm

I took this entire week off to get myself sorted. Websites are hard, even templates – my brain isn’t wired to think like a web developer, I work at a much greater pace and it’s… frustrating. Compared to a brochure, I’d craft each page and when necessary tackle the master pages – it’s often delicate and I keep an eye on the overall style. On websites, style editor would edit everything, and I’d have to wait for the refresh… then browse around looking at each pages individually. It’s hard work. Plus, no way to undo anything. I tell you what, it’s too slow and too clumsy for me!


I arrived at tap with work in the back of my head, I have a 10am deadline on Thursday and a whole website to build and populate! I quickly set that aside when my shins and mid-feet started aching again – just like last week. It was pretty uncomfortable even before the across-the-room, I kept rubbing my shins hoping they’d go away but nope. I struggled in the across-the-room, I was determined to get toe-pullbacks done, it was pretty difficult. When I have time I’ll be back in the studio. It was another write-off, disappointed at myself. Ailsa mentioned toe pointing, that’s exactly what’s been happening and I need to stop that, somehow I ended up with this habit.

The routine was pretty interesting, a lot of heels – it’s great, I want that. I could feel the sting and my legs weren’t much use when it hurt. I plodded along but it was one of those nights… I was downhearted. 

The rehearsal progressed a bit more, we added a sequence of steps but with SPEEED, it’s fine, we did it before and just need to remind ourselves of the steps. I’m not in the mood yet because of my work, hopefully once I’m over the website – I can focus on rehearsal. 

I can do better, need to stop toe pointing.


Laura is on holiday so Josh filled us in, the class emptied! We went back to basic but I had a good chat with Andi – always good to see her.  I missed the warm-up cos of rehearsal, the across the room was ok, no work on arms. The routine was ok too, again, just filling in the time. 

Rehearsal was… empty, only six of us as Laura took it pretty far last week, we went through the routine. Just a general run, I don’t think people were that bothered. I used the mirror for a change cos usually I can’t see myself in the back. It’s ok, but we’re waiting for Laura really. It’s Bank Holiday Monday, so our next lesson is in two weeks time. Yeh, a break – I need my legs to be ok!


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