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I had enough and wrote a lengthy email on Wednesday, it did go on a bit – I vented everything out. Had an immediate result on Thursday and I got two letters. It was basically an outline of what was said without the details. Just a generic outline, they’re right I’ve been late but others are too. I hate the allusion that I’m some sort of super user of Facebook, someone who always wear the headphones, someone with a bad attitude towards work, and somehow I’m guilty of substandard quality. I utterly dispute this, it’s ridiculous. I’ve shown the letter around and everyone says it’s bollocks. It’s written to me like I’m a kid. I responded to the HR guy on Saturday requesting for more details, and he simply told me to contact the company from now on… but, isn’t he the HR guy?! Anyway… I’m awaiting a reply now…

Is this worth the fight? Yes, for my dignity.


I started ok but after the warm-up my mid-feet were pretty strained, I felt knackered for some reason – my bum and back legs didn’t get the workout I wanted. I had really stiff ankles and achey feet. I went through the hour in discomfort… I don’t know why. Maybe I overdid myself trying to get the heels in. I was shattered from the lack of sleep and a long day at work as well, never a nice combination. The across the room was pretty exhausting – the middle of my feet were killing me… maybe I didn’t stretch enough? Something was off, my legs weren’t ready at all. Made me feel old… and out of fitness! 

I used to be fitter than this, I miss it. Maybe it’s time to go running again, or just be more active! We tried some toe-pickups at the barre, I thought that was useful… but couldn’t do too much. We finished our weekly routine, it’s actually quite cool and I was so, so tired at the end. It didn’t feel like a normal Monday because I wore out so quickly – although what if… this is how I’m supposed to feel and I was just coasting up to this point? If that’s the case – wow, better get in shape!

We didn’t progress that much in rehearsal, eeeek, I expected more but a few people have dropped out. We changed the routine slightly from last week, it’ll be fine as JH would always say. God my feet are TIRED!


It’s such a popular class! Always new peeps, in and out. Our rehearsal ran late and we joined the warm-up… my shins didn’t like the jumps at all! Need a physio! I loved the sit-ups and planking. The across the room was ok, I’ve been trying to stay in control – less flapping and more use of strength and balance. My arms fared better. Andi was back, but not for Jazz rehearsal – she’s doing Contemporary this time. It’s been a hot session, culminating in a fun routine at the end. Just another night of refining Jazz, plod on!

The rehearsal went well, we’re already halfway – Laura won’t be here next week so it’s good to know we’re well covered. We’re prepared in Jazz! No mucking about that lass! I actually had a good time, it’s been a fun Jazz session.

Tap: Private lesson

In Dance on March 17, 2015 at 11:55 pm

Finally I took a lesson with Ailsa – I arrived ten minutes early and loitered about. We only had half an hour so I kept my hoodie on – the room was much warmer than I wanted it to be, perspiration came quickly! I was very happy with the half hour, Ailsa gave me an honest assessment and I told her how she’s been so instrumental in my tap progression, she started teaching when I started learning – she saw my entire journey. Now I want to push myself, to make that leap into shading and tones, best notch up the volume!

Keep my hips straight, it’s my twisting that’s disabling my shuffles… remember the pickups, and the shuffles should be sideways too, like 4 o’clock and not all the way back. Important note, no twisting hips, no weird behind shuffles and definitely pickups.

Step-Pickup-ball-heel drops
Volume, my heels never sound great because I never go for it, too light-footed. So, my mission is to really stamp it out – if I can get my heavy steps sorted, I can switch to light steps easier. To use her analogy, if I was learning the drums… I’m not gonna shy from hitting it, my heels are percussion instruments so I better go for it! My bum and back legs should be hurting. Yes I want that productive pain!

Stamp out-pickup-steps
An exercise, stamp out R-L, R pick-up-step, L pickup-step, reverse. The count is 12&34. It’s quite a workout to get the pickups – Ailsa made it look effortless and I had to work twice as hard, my energy output was ridiculous compared to hers! I like this exercise as it gives me something to chomp into. 

Through the half hour, my core ached – why did I never get that in class? Probably because she was watching so I elaborated my steps! It’s good, I really enjoyed the pointers. I’m excited too!

Karen surprised me with her news, good to see her as usual. I’m really happy things are going well for her! 

Had a brilliant evening. Now I’m just keen to get tapping again!

Tap & Jazz & Unsettled

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Still no formal letter, I feel like I’m in purgatory… well, limbo might be a better word. I still have my anger bottled up and I need to vent it at HR soon – it’s very difficult at work because I’m not enjoying it anymore. At the moment I’m just going in and operate to the best of my professional capacity while this stupid letter loom over my head. My mates said not to worry about it, they’re being very supportive but… I’m still feeling rubbish because HR can’t decide what to do. The longer they leave it, the worst it will get for me…


I’ve not been feeling 100% since I had that formal chat, and Saturday morning I reached into my fridge… I sneezed and gave myself whiplash! It’s one of the weirdest sensation, a sharp searing pain shot up my neck and I couldn’t move my head without agony. It ruined my Saturday as I had to icepack myself and lie on the sofa for an hour, I didn’t get to work on my stuff in the evening either… gutted. I’ve been grumpy since then, apparently whiplash can have emotional impact too? I’m better now but… chemically unstable, I know I’m not feeling right. My mood is poop.


Rehearsal day, I was happy to see the tap family – almost the whole crew turned up. My neck was sore at work, luckily my cousin the physio told me what to do and… I’m to hold my head down and slowly release the muscle. The sharp pain was still there but didn’t hurt as much, it was an incredibly instant remedy. 

I got on with the across-the-room, poorly done tonight – I felt really tired, and like I was half ill or something. I couldn’t snap out of my lethargy – I need to step up and improve. Ah, got myself a half hour lesson with Ailsa tomorrow – hopefully she can evaluate me because my errant self-teaching could have been damaging my technique, the very little I had! So, everybody had to do drop-shuffle-toe pickups… I attempted badly! I didn’t spin too much today, my head wasn’t entirely on my body. It’s been a forgettable across-the-room, on a night like this I think I’m regressing…

The cowboy routine was continued and it was enjoyable… I think, although I was intensely focussed on my steps – didn’t really let the music flow, half listening, half shutting out. I managed the routine and did my best to memorise the steps – I always struggle with the transitional bits and it’s… so easy to escape in a room of people, so easy to hide with lazy half-steps. I frustrate myself because I can do better… there’s a mental block in the way, maybe Ailsa can see what it is tomorrow… 

Rehearsal went well, we redid the beginning of our last class routine, I could have done them in front but decided to take a backseat. In the last show I was fronting Beginner’s Tap and Jazz almost. I prefer a quieter presence this time, in the back line! I’m happy to shy behind! I was quite happy to see some peeps do their first show, they’ve been coming for a while so it’s their time to take stage. Well… guess I’m in the show, again.


It was a BUSY class, joined by two familiar Ballet girls, nice banter. The across the room was much improved with my arms, although I struggled with my steps… my balance was way off, did some spins ok but I wasn’t fully there! I did tired before the routine… I chatted to people to keep myself going, it’s just one of those days. My arms were the positives, I had little reaction from my neck except during the warm-up, I actually felt better at the end to my relief. Stretching helped so much. 

The routine was a funky familiar tune… it’s alright, just have to get some of the body wiggles right without looking too clumsy! There were a few of us in rehearsal, and… for now we’re using the same tune, so all the steps were the same. I managed them alright, just a little too stiff when I watched myself in the mirror… my neck was absolutely rigid! 

Confident so far… relaxed too… 

Again. this time put me in the back – I’m fine being just a number! 


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