Never goodbye, always see ya!

In Dance on March 23, 2017 at 2:55 am

It was Ailsa’s last Ballet and Contemporary class. I thoroughly made the most of it, ballet was hard as usual and the studio packed with people (friends!) there to say goodbye. My hamstring felt the pain tonight but it was worth it. The hour flew by and a well-deserved round of applause rang out at the end – I was on the brink of tears, a few people were. Bit too emotional for me, I shook it off because we had another hour! I decided to enjoy it instead of being sad.

Contemporary didn’t disappoint either (never did), it was another busy class and I had so many friends around me, the studio is home, they’re family! I spoke to AL about trying the Improvers Ballet, maybe I can give it a try and it’s Karen teaching so that might be cool (or scary). Another one I’m dying to try is the Advanced Jazz, apparently it’s tough but again, I won’t know until I’ve given it a go! New adventures to try out…

The final routine was beautiful, I loved the music and went for it, I might have hesitated in parts but need to see the vid! The hour was up, too quickly. People flooded in from next door and we gave Ailsa her last grand ovation. That’s it I guess, no more Ailsa!

Most people went for a drink afterwards, we never really talk to each other in class – I mean, we don’t have conversations and it was fun getting to know each other! Time flew by when you’re enjoying yourself, despite the acoustic two-piece band playing in the backdrop interrupting our chats. It was louder than I would have liked but we were in Revolution. I was among the last group to leave, Ailsa remembered what I said about goodbyes and she simply said ‘See ya’, it’s true – we’ll cross paths again. I appreciated that, and off she went. 

Only AP was left and she didn’t have work the next day, we went for one more in Gasworks – it was two more, or was it three? I can’t remember but I do know I left after 1am, I was eating my tea at 2am… scoffing pizza with chips! I remember being in bed at 2.30am! It seemed like a good idea at the time but bloody hell… school night drinking – not done that for a while! I enjoyed it, great catch up with AP, she’s hilarious!

I worked, danced for two hours, drank for two hours, drank for an extra two hours before I touched food. So, a long day!

All the best!

And see ya!

Chinese Banquet

In Family, Lurve... on March 22, 2017 at 12:50 am

I didn’t realise it started in the afternoon, would have taken half a day off instead. I decided to sleep late and spent the morning in bed, it was a pleasure lying in bed, don’t think I actually got out until noon! I went for grey trousers and grey waistcoat, my grey flat cap suited me well too! Parents came over to drive me to Glamorous.

We arrived early without anyone but family. My Uncles and Aunties and cousins, it felt safe and familiar, I really enjoyed the rest of the day. We had our massive banquet and I spent a lot of time catching up with relatives, elders I don’t talk to at all – they’re the connection to my past. Quan-yee-yee (Auntie) asked about my relationship status (not uncommon to be fair), Uncle Harry showed me photos of their trip to his old HK village where him and mum grew up – he was the leader of the expedition because his (our) family name is the main clan of the village (something like that) – that’s kinda cool, he’s so proud of it! I spoke to so many people, just catching up. I reconnected with Alan – I’m still ashamed about not going to his wedding, I don’t think I apologised to him. It’s good to see him though, he’s got a beautiful baby girl. I caught up with all my cousins, had a lot of fun with their kids. It’s family isn’t it? It didn’t feel out of place at all, there were familiar faces everywhere – the elders who grew up with our clan. To be honest, if you reach back far enough – we were all from the same village anyway. One went to school with Dad in HK, a few were members of the village, and really… same blood, brothers and sisters!

The whole thing lasted from 2 to 9, it’s been a long day. Lots of chatting and fun, not to mention the good food too. Not everything was to my taste but it was nice.

It’s been fantastic, congratulations to my cousin and his wife, now a member of our clan and… my whisky drinking partner hah. she loves them, and I’m the only person she can relate to on that front! 

Overall, a FANTASTIC day, so happy to see everyone. It reminded me of my past and where we all came from.


Last Tap

In Dance on March 20, 2017 at 11:55 pm

Well, it’s not the last tap. It feels like it because it was Ailsa’s final lesson before her new journey. I gave her my gift, a custom certificate to show how much she contributed to me as a dancer, didn’t expected her to open it in class. She was close to tears and that in turn made me a little welled up too. She’s the reason how far I’ve come, and how much I’ve enjoyed Contemporary and Ballet. I wasn’t sure how she’d react but she really appreciated it – I’m happy. I thought it might be too cheesey but I’m so glad she really liked it.

We did some fairly easy across the room, a bit of tricky footwork and then finished the routine, we filmed it one last time and took a group picture at the end… It’s been a fun last lesson. We tried to pretend it was a normal class. It was… yeh, sad. I still have Ballet and Contemporary on Thursday, that’s when I say ‘see ya’, never goodbye!

Yeh, her last tap class…

Thank you so much!