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In Dance on May 19, 2015 at 1:31 am

Posts are getting more infrequent, I don’t think I have time to blog like I used to – only this Sunday I had time to watch a movie like every Sundays in the past. My week wasn’t that pleasant with a cold, it wasn’t even a cold, my colleague had a runny nose and I woke up with a runny nose and sore throat, then came the all-out snot assault, now I’m going through the coughing… hopefully spelling the end of a tired period. It’s like a virus, I bypassed the actual cold and just caught the symptoms! 


I was shattered… lack of sleep and coughs. Splattered myself through the day, things were steady and I maintained control. I arrived at tap to immediate tech rehearsal, it was ok although we didn’t warm up properly and the issue I keep having is positioning, the V shape was difficult for me. The details came in like arms and heads, the messy middle, where to turn, to LOOK UP  etc. We had little time to absorb it all and remember where to stand. It was 6:30pm when we started and the hour flew by. I think we’re all quietly confident but mainly it’s to do with the minor things… and synchronising with one another. Basically we have the steps, it’s a case of gelling as a group.

Me, J and K had an hour to kill before Jazz, so we stayed in studio and worked on the steps – slowly people left but it was good to practise, we did a few runs including facing away from the mirror. We needed the full group to work it properly. I think we’ll be ok, just a case of practising and memorising… and of course, not to think too much!


We soon vacated the room for the Beginners and sat in Studio 2 instead, I had some time to run the sequence in my head. We ran it once more with Josh and headed back to tech rehearsal – pretty tired by then. Everybody overran, so we barely had any time but for positioning. Then we ran the thing twice… forgetting that we did very little at the end ooops. Again, where to stand, that was tricky… and time was up!

Luckily we had the studio to finalise the ending and lining everyone up. We had to work with a missing person – annoying but it was fine. I think we’re ok… I enjoyed this one more than tap, only cos it’s slightly easier to remember. I’m more confident about this… I think I’m fine with both, the main thing is positioning…

Urgh… we finished at 10pm, that’s three and half hours of dancing!


I had a disgusting Maccy D’s on the way home, urgh… and regretted it. Been a very productive evening, just need to practise now. 


Tap & Jazz

In Dance on May 12, 2015 at 1:20 am

I needed tonight, been a long day at work – annoyingly busy, manageable but just a fast pace from beginning to end. I had a quick revision when I got in, no time for nap! Did some revision yesterday too, it helped a lot! 


Quite a packed room, and four new faces yay! I had a very sloppy hour, although my heels are doing well – everything felt sticky and iffy. I did arrive in a slightly queasy state – I had some seafood mix for dinner yesterday, and leftover for lunch today, it wasn’t an overall tasty lunch but at least I had nutrient! I really felt odd in the warm up, a bit drained too maybe from the heat or the extended break. 

The across the room had plenty of turns, I’m struggling my way through them – need to improve and get those left cramprolls in. I need to sort out my left! It’s probably a psychological block because my feet were in cement and my toes were literally stuck on the floor. I had a good time though, just what the doctor ordered.

Rehearsal went much better and I think we just need an hour of concentration, the v shape was a little messy but that’s cos I can’t see anyone on my right! I think we know the steps, we need to work in group – then me and K will have to practise our steps. We have to do a personal two-count at the end as well. The cowboy bit was just a repeat – but my memory is hazy so will need to study the video! Overall, much more confident than last time – less on my mind.


We went over the time, but it turned out ballet was too, I kind of hoped to avoid the warm-up. I boiled away in the studio but loved the sit-ups! I must be mad but the sit-ups and press-ups were my favourite. We progressed to across the room, legs were fine – the arms needed work and we had some laugh. We’re pretty much the same group so it’s fun! 

The hour was over rather quickly, and rehearsal went… ok I guess, we didn’t add anything new – just a recap and minor details with the scoopy arms. The duet at the end… I’m gonna swing my partner to the left, have her lean on my arm, then spin out! Should be good although we do go over the count time! Need to work on that next time! Good fun though.

Didn’t leave until 9:45pm – that’s over three hours of dance, felt absolutely shattered but I wanted more! I was tired when I came and revitalised when I walked out. Laura was fantastic as usual, everything is good – I’m happy, the endorphins did the trick.

Lots of practise needed… it’ll be fine!

No blogging?

In Family, Random, Rant on May 10, 2015 at 2:15 am

I’m still around. Just monumentally busy with life – this weekend was nice because I did no work but a part of me is feeling guilty for it. My big project is near completion but I have to write now and normally I’d write like I’m doing now but for some reason I’m struggling to talk about myself. I’m having difficulty establishing the tone and level of formality… and, I do believe I’m scared too. I have been working in the same place for nearly 9 years, there isn’t much prior that and I’m already worrying ahead about my prospects. I can’t stop this naggling voice and it’s hindering me – I’m delaying the final touches to the project. Maybe my unconscious will decide for me… I’m hoping for that Eureka moment soon.

Ed Sheeran kept me going for the past month, I immersed myself in his album as background music and I seriously played nothing else but the same tracks from the same album, he’s much better than I thought! I didn’t realise how often I listened to him until now. 

My oven broke and I went a week without cooking, luckily my good neighbour helped me fix it, the part was only £25 and I bought him a bottle of wine worth £10. During that period my weight ballooned to 11 and half stone cos my eating habit went crazy.

I know exactly why – Mum and Dad fighting really took a toll on me, currently Mum flew back to HK and Dad had a minor stroke (his fourth?!). Before that, she suspected Dad of cheating, I don’t think he is, but the whole situation plus work really pushed me to the very limit. I think for the first time dealing with Mum and Dad my stress manifested in physical form – tight chest, tension, and high heart rate. Younger sis was right, she said it’s not fair putting children in the middle. That’s something they do because they have atrocious communication skills, and they have no-one else to talk to – sometimes we’re relays to them, they don’t realise the burden they’re placing on us. Younger sis is seeing a therapist as a result and find it difficult dealing with Mum, Mum can’t understand why sis is acting different – I was close to the brink myself. Luckily she decided to go to HK and I told her to seek help and sort it out with Dad – we can’t be their pawns anymore, it’s affecting our wellbeing.

That and my work, made me feel miserable the past month – I’m only picking myself up again now, I’m working through my list. I think dieting is next on my agenda – I have snacked so much at work, signs that I’m not happy, I also craved sugar… not good. So, I plan to get back into running – I did a 10k few weeks ago, after the rehearsals and when it’s all over, my aim is to run regularly again. Shed the stone!

I’ve fallen out of tap too, I still go to lessons but do nothing in between – life simply took over, I have no urge picking up my shoes or anything because I have so much to do. I need to rectify this too, I just need that one moment, that one spark to reignite my passion… we’re just going through a rough patch right now. I hope to get back into tap too…

I think this is where I’m at. Oh, and we had the 2015 election, Labour got trumped, Liberal Democrat got annihilated, the SNP took Scotland from Labour overnight… UKIP had a worryingly large number of voters and the worse and most frightening thing of all? The inhumane Tories have formed a majority government, with a mere extra 12 members – this is devastating news for us all. Another five years of these sneaky gets… within days, fox-hunting is already on the agenda. It’s a hostile new world with a Tory government unleashed, without the Lib Dems to keep them in check… they will widen the rich poor divide and God help us all…

Yup, things have changed…

I’m plodding on, I’m hoping to feel better in mind and body… and get back to writing blogs again, get back to having fun.



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