Saturday Night Show Time 3

In Dance, Manchester on November 17, 2013 at 4:08 am

My third show…

Maybe it is true, it gets easier the more you do it? I remember my first design presentation, I was jittery and nervous but over the years with more experience in my industry, it became a lot easier because I know what I’m talking about. We had so much more time to rehearse in comparison to our earlier shows, Bank Holidays obstructed us from an extra lesson, so instead of the standard three lessons, this time we had around six lessons to prepare! It was bliss!

Do nothin’ till you hear from me

Yes, our version was by Robbie Williams. That’s what I’ve been rehearsing to for the past how many weeks. The routine was pretty straight-forward, the hat and how we used our arms were the most complicated things. Still, I’d like to think we all pulled it off!

Saturday 3:45pm

I arrived early and sat in the canteen waiting for the tap crew, one by one they trickled in and soon the place was filled. First stop, stage rehearsal… we were on first. We didn’t position or anything, we went straight into the routine (it was ok), then off the stage. Afterwards we watched every single group get a bit of time adjusting their stage positions before the dance, I thought we needed that! We sat through watching every piece, I loved the Contemporary James Bond (Casino Royale) piece, I think we need something epic for our next one! We need something with a PUNCH! We should merge Beginners and Improvers/Advanced! 

I enjoyed watching the whole lot, especially those who did more than one piece, some people did three pieces! L of our tap group did two more, she is amazing, everything was so effortless! I chatted to J and R for a bit, I had no idea where time went because next thing, we were up to studio 2 (why not 1? I don’t know). We were asked to get changed early so the Tappers were all prepared and glammed up way before everyone else. We ran through the routine once more… it went good. And… that was it! I mean, from my previous experience we had at least three runs, tonight we only had two runs – and that was it! 

Ailsa couldn’t be here tonight so we lacked a little direction, Karen did a good job directing the beginners but she let the Improv./Adv. get on with it, it would have been nice to have our tutor here, but it doesn’t matter, we did the best we could! We looked after each other well!

So yeh. We were first up as the show opener – good or bad I don’t know, Fred Astaire didn’t like early slots in his vaudeville days because the audience were still seating, it’s a death slot in a way. Mind you, we did the same in the last show, we were first up, on the bright side – we get to watch the rest of the show!

We started at 4pm, it was 5:30pm the next thing I know, then 6:15pm and suddenly it was 7pm! Tempus fugit! We had to go down early to wait off the stage.


It was over so quickly, I’d like to think I did ok. I think the solo nerve tap didn’t go that well… could have done better. A few bits and bobs I could have positioned myself better, overall I think we all did a pretty swell job considering we, more or less – turned up and did it! I don’t think I did anything wrong, am eagerly awaiting the video! I keep thinking my arms were wrong or something! Otherwise, I think we all did an amazing job! Apparently the audience liked it cos someone overheard ‘it’s the best Adv. tap routine yet’, I guess we did a good job! My nerves were much easier to handle, it’s weird how I’m less conscious of the audience now, it DOES get easier.

Over… already?

We raced upstairs, collected our stuff and went to watch the rest of the show. I was mesmerised by the handful of passionate individuals, I love their dedication because it’s visible in their performance, you could just tell that they love to dance. The beginners tap were pretty cool, good energy! We gathered at the bar afterwards for our complimentary drink. Everyone started to leave (mainly cos they had friends and families and partners with them), I hung around a bit before leaving with some beginners tappers, we had three drinks in Revolutions until just after 11pm! I nipped into Cornerhouse and managed to find S (adv, Tap) and her partner upstairs, we had a brief laugh before calling it at midnight. 

Made some new contacts tonight, S’s partner does climbing at the MCC every Tuesday, he invited me along! I’ve been keen to climb again so maybe this is a good chance!

It’s been a fabulous day, the show went well, had a laugh with everyone, and… good drinking and meeting afterwards! Well done to Karen, KNT is her baby and I hope we did her proud! 

Back to normal now. Missing everyone already!

Until next time!


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